Chairman Message

Our company always strives to be at the forefront of technology and supply the industry with the latest greatest. Our most recent development is the Website Builder you are currently on. We hope you enjoy this product and also hope it brings you great success as it has for us.

Our Values

  • Friendly Envirement
  • Superb Support
  • Awesome Solutions

Why Us

Our Website Builder will change the way you think about web design. Full manageability of your website without having the need to know how to code a website, Full Service, Friendly Staff and the best prices in town giving you the experience that will leave you in front of your competitors.
Our Company goal is to streamline the web industry and create the best CMS(Content Management System) the world wide web has to offer. We will further develop and grow our system that will make things as easy as ABC..
Our plan is for Handy Sites to be your one stop shop with when it comes to Web Design, Web Hosting, Email Hosting, Domain Name Management and Registration.

Our History

  • 2012

    A group of web developers decided to join and create a company to serve the industry with the latest developments in the IT World.After developing various web applications we decided to focus on and developing various products for many different sectors with great success.

  • 2014

    We are proud to announce our very own Website Builder, we are very confident that this product will allow so many different businesses to create, manage and maintain their own business sites.